You've been lighting candles wrong all your life

Fiery tips: How to light your candles correctly!

How do you light a candle correctly so that it burns for as long as possible? Where should scented candles not be placed? How do you avoid smoke when extinguishing? Here are 7 tips to take your candle experience to a new level:

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1. The right selection
    Let's start with the basics. Choose high-quality candles like our Makagi candles that fit your style. Whether it's a relaxed evening or a festive atmosphere – the right choice of candles influences the mood.

    Check out ours Selection of high-quality candles , so you can't go wrong.

    2. The right place

      Candles placed close to windows or doors may flicker or go out on the train. They should be protected so that they can burn evenly. Otherwise, they could die out faster than you can say “coziness.”


      3. Keep an eye on the wick

      Check the wick before lighting. If the wall behind the candle becomes sooty, the wick is probably too long. Before lighting your candle, trim the wick to about 1/2 inch to minimize smoke and extend the life of the candle

      To do this, use wick trimmers , regular scissors, or nail clippers.


      4. Safety first

      Make sure there are no flammable objects nearby. A little safety is always good, especially when around open flames.


      5. Steady burn

      It is important that candles are placed on a flat and stable surface when lighting. If the surface is unstable, the wax will melt unevenly. The flames may also flicker and give off dark smoke.

      6. Farewell in style:

      Don't just blow out the candle. Use a candle extinguisher to minimize smoke and keep the room comfortable.

        7. Wax-free and ready to go

        If you have candles in jars, place them in a warm water bath after use. This means the wax comes off more easily and the glasses can be used again.

        With these tips, you can ensure that your candles burn longer and your home stays clean.

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